Using your smartphone with better productivity

Every individual holds a smartphone today. With that said, do you know how to use your smartphone with better productivity? Read the following tips.


  1. Don’t neglect the usefulness of voice commands

One of the key features associated with modern-day smartphones is voice commands. Although the overall functionality of your smartphone is convenient enough, you cannot underestimate the usefulness of voice commands. By activating it, you can simply schedule appointments, call someone, or even send a text message without taping. In addition to that, you can use the dictation feature to compose your emails, blog posts, notes, etc. more productively.


  1. Get rid of the apps you don’t need

If you take out your smartphone and check it carefully, you can find at least a couple of apps that are no longer required. Some of them are only time wasters. So, take a minute or two and go through the list of apps that are already installed in your device. If there are idling apps, just delete those apps.


  1. Use controllers

As of today, many users tend to consider their smartphones are gaming devices as well. If you are one of those die-hard gamers who play games using your smartphone, mobile gaming controllers can be the ideal option for you. These controllers are incredibly handy to take full control of any game thanks to their physical buttons with a better grip. In addition to that, if you play heavy games on the device, consider using a good mobile phone cooler to avoid excessive heat.


  1. Headphones are productive

Well, using a headphone with your smartphone is another way to increase the overall productivity of your smartphone. When you wear a headphone, you can easily omit the unpleasant, disturbing noise in the surrounding. In addition to that, those headphones can allow your hands to be free while listening to your favorite tracks or podcasts.


  1. Disable the status updates

Although status updates are pretty helpful, that can be really distracting when you try to focus on your work. For instance, think of a situation where you are concentrating hard on a very important, urgent task and you receive a loud notification of someone’s comment on a post you have shared. Isn’t it annoying? So, be sure to turn off those alerts at least when you are working.


  1. Set timers

You can make use of alerts if you are likely to lose track of time. For instance, set an alarm or a timer to limit the time you spend on reading emails, social media posts, or text messages. You can even set multiple alerts for each task and stay organized.


In addition to that, you should update your system on a regular basis due to various reasons. In fact, performing system updates is compulsory to assure smooth performance, speed up the device, and strengthen security. Also, it can be a solution to fix various issues including overheating. So, those are the tips you should use in order to increase the overall productivity of your smartphone.