Preventing your phone from overheating

There is no shortage of reasons for your smartphone to get overheated. When you play a heavy game or having multiple apps running in the background can end up making your phone heated significantly. Also, your smartphone can get heated as a result of constant heating. Apart from that, there can be several other reasons behind an overheated phone. Mentioned below are some practical ways to prevent your phone from getting overheated.


  1. Keep your phone out of the direct sunlight

One of the most convenient ways to prevent overheating is to keep the device away from the direct sunlight. Usually, phones can easily get overheated if they are exposed to direct sunlight as they tend to retain heat.


  1. Close idle apps

It is normal for us to have multiple apps running in the background. When open and unused apps are running in the background, your phone has to work harder and use more system resources. The result is a heated-up phone. You can easily resolve this issue by closing those idle apps.


  1. Keep the screen brightness low

If you have turned the screen brightness up, the phone has to work harder just like with the multiple idle apps in the background. So, keep the screen brightness low and apply an anti-glare cover on the screen.


  1. Use your phone in airplane mode

With Airplane mode, you can put your device to function only with basic functions. However, this is not a permanent solution as you have to use other functions pretty frequently on the device. But, as a temporary solution, Airplane mode is a pretty good fix.


  1. Remove the case

If your smartphone constantly heats, remove the case, and see if it works smoothly. In fact, the case applies an extra layer of insulation over the device to retain heat. So, get rid of that.


  1. Use a cooler when playing games

If you play heavy games on the device pretty frequently, the phone will heat a lot. So, with regular configurations, you cannot necessarily expect to maintain a healthy temperature in the device. In that case, you can invest in a special mobile phone cooler on the device. Such a device can absorb heat and pump it out to maintain the perfect temperature so there won’t be any overheating.


  1. Update the installed apps

Some apps installed on your device can be a reason for overheating. In that case, you must be smart enough to keep those apps updated to their latest versions. With each update, app developers fix potential errors and bugs so be sure to update those apps regularly. Even if your phone doesn’t heat, updating the apps is a smart move as it can boost the overall performance of the device.


In addition to that, you should keep your smartphone separately from the other tech stuff such as your tablet, laptop, or the extra phone. If you stack your smartphone with other similar devices, there is always a chance for overheating.